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Monday, 26 November 2012


This outfit is all about my new bobble hat.

Loads of random woolly hats in the shop at the moment but this one caught my eye because of the contrast bobble ~ pink dyed fur, super weird, I love it.
I was a little unsure about mixing all these colours before getting dressed this morning but I figured I just don't care that much. Making my outfit match my hair is fun sometimes if I want to wear all blue + look like a doll//alien, but it's a bit of a hassle and cuts down my options by a fair bit. Also it's so colour timid. I don't care about clashing ~ I figured I already have bright blue hair and a bright pink hat, lets wear some animal print to up the crazy.

I wore my unicorn necklace from cute-plush.com for a touch of kawaii.
The faces I pull aren't very kawaii though ~ne ;D
Duck-Face~am I doing it right?

My shirt is my mum's from when she was a little older than I am now ~ so it's sorta vintage//hand-me-down.

Finished off the outfit with my multi-faux fur jacket and my pikachu bag ~ and I'm ready for the world. Hah;P


Wednesday, 21 November 2012


So I could only stand having blonde roots for so long. On top of that my hair grows pretty fast so I was getting roots on my roots (INCEPROOTS) And Black-Blonde-green wasn't really the look I was going for... (>.>)

So I used the Bubblegum blue ManicPanic colour as a kind of reset. This is back to how I wanted it, I've always wanted a bright blue, and I might make it more of a pastel tone but for now I'm just enjoying my 'bubblegum'.
 I went to get my bangs cut soon after this.

Its tough sometimes to reset your go-to outfits so you hair doesn't clash with your wardrobe. For this outfit I stuck to black (simple and safe) with hints of colour and a bandanna that compliments my hair, to let my new colour be my statement piece of the outfit.

Let me know what you think in the comments, and which colour should I go next? (^.^)


Tuesday, 20 November 2012


'GOLD Always believe in your soul'

This shiny little gold number is from our fancy dress section at the shop, but I prefer to dress it down as more of a day wear item. It's made from this tinsel-like fabric and leaves little shiny bits where ever I go [just spreadin' the love right?]
That does mean that at some point I will have no dress so I'm enjoying it while it lasts, and as it's tinsel ~ I have no idea how to wash it so we'll see how that goes. 

The only problem with it [that I managed to half-fix with a belt is that someone has decided to put in the strangest bust darts to create some uneven pointy boob effect... not sure why... You can almost see the darts in the top picture there. That's what you've always gotta look out for with vintage stuff ~ someone could have altered it, professionally or just a DIY job before we get it in the store, they may have made the entire thing from scratch [we do have some granny's jumpers in at the moment[!!]] and the chances are it wasn't altered to fit a standard size 10.

Long sleeve top - H&M
Dress - Rokit
Belt - 'model's own' [got it from sister]
Socks - Rokit
Shoes - Adidas X Jeremy Scott

Got some cute black frilly socks from the shop the other day too, they have a super cute white bow at the back to make them that little bit more special.


Monday, 19 November 2012


This is just a simple little outfit ~ but I thought I would show you it because of my shoes and my t-shirt. :3

Here's the t-shirt~ I have a few geeky t-shirts, and this one recently was upgraded from sleepwear to daywear. I'm not sure how easy it is to read, it says~ "NINJA // XL // Propety of the assassin department".
It's meant to be a kinda play off of the "property of the physical education department" or something, which tickled me a little. I wish it didn't say XL, because I didn't buy an XL, this is a small men's T. I really think they should of stuck to their little t-shirt joke and made it so it said the size you bought, but I understand the cost implications in that so I'm not too upset.

Winter shoes! Well... not really with the cut-outs at the side but they're my smart smart work shoes from when I worked at Reiss, they're Dr.Martins but I wish they had the little tag at the bag so it's more obvious that there are. I'm still breaking them in at the moment, DMs take such a long time so get super comfy but that's how you know they'll last. (^.^)

T-shirt - some geeky t-shirt website [Sorry! I can't remember!]
Skirt - Actually a top, from H&M, with the sleeves wrapped round my waist
Tights - H&M
Shoes - Dr.Martin

Hair is just half up to the side with a pom-pom hair band ~ also from H&M.


Sunday, 18 November 2012


love a bandanna. I always like to tie them at the front of my hair in a sort of Tu-pac style{see fig.1}.

{fig.1 ~ Tu-pac's headgear of choice.}

Unfortunatly for Tu-pac, having a fringe makes the whole bandanna placement a whole lot easier. They sit perfectly just above my bangs. Which is probably why I love wearing them so much, they're so quick and easy, and they come in endless varieties.

Here's one of my favourites.~

Of course it's a Disney Princess Bandanna 
~ we're here for kawaii, ne? \(^o^)/ 

At the moment I'm wearing across Cinderella and Snow White ~ the two blue ones to match up with my hair a little. I might switch it up but I always press my bandanna's when they're folded to make sure they stay like that. So to switch them up like that would mean more ironing... (>.>) 

One of the main issues with the bandanna when wearing it like I do is that you want to make sure most of the picture is visible. But folding it into itself like wrapping it up means that a lot of the pattern is disrupted. To fix that I fold them in half like normal then fold them like a fan until there's only a little bit left, then I wrap it around like usual. You can fan-fold it all the way but wrapping it around a little means that it won't slip out of the fold as easy. I super steam press them [mine are all cotton so it's okay ~ watch out with the polyester ones though[!!]].

I usually only need 1 or 2 kirbi grips to keep it still ~ usually beside the knot or just above my ear as shown.


Friday, 16 November 2012


 New things New Outfit Post.

Got a few new accessories from the shop the other day and here they are. 
I love wearing something in my hair and it helps if that something is super kawaii ~ this is a YSL fabric sample that was in among the silk scarves, the pastel colours and weird print meant that I had to get it.

The second 'new thing' is this gold Disney necklace ~ I am loving the Disney stuff we're getting in the shop at the moment, I want a lot of it, but I chose this as it makes me think of Teddy and I [for those new to this blog Teddy is my much much better half]. The little gold hearts on the chain make it look extra special and the pendant itself is on one link of the chain so it's not going to go spinning round my neck.

The T-shirt I've had for a while now, it says something like Strawberry Bunny or something. Just some random kawaii print. It's crazy stretched though, and so now the v-neck doesn't sit like a perfect V but I don't mind that, I like wearing baggy, loose-fitting Ts.

I am also wearing my favourite belt [not really a huge accomplishment for that belt as I have like 3] ~ just a simple black strap with a little 'F' buckle but I love it because it makes me feel a little bit like a superhero. ;D

Here's the run-down::
Head Scarf - YSL Fabric Sample from Rokit
Cardigan - Rokit
T - Heritage 1971 / Forever21
Belt - Rokit
Jeans - H&M
Shoes - Converse


Tuesday, 13 November 2012


..You really can't !! Give me something they wouldn't give some amount of casual elegance to. They are the foundation for any good 'totally-not-trying-but-still-look-awesome' look, be it an obscure band t-shirt or a faded hippy motif.

I am quite the connoisseur of t-shirts, if I do say so myself, now perhaps not so much as I love to rock a button down shirt from time to time. But back in the day (age 16) I had faaaarrr to many t-shirts, [according to my mother there was a standard amount of t-shirts one should own and I was way over the limit.] I can't remember the exact number but I had around 50, most of them in regular circulation. If I went on vacation for 5 days I would take around 10-15 t-shirts, in case outfits or moods changed at the last minute [and at age 16 the latter often did].

So when, on my first day at Rokit, a T-shirt of awesomeness levels that I hadn't considered came in on the delivery, it was like God was reassuring me that I'm where I'm meant to be [seriously He knows how much I like a good t-shirt].

And here it is~ my first day gem and my favourite favourite t-shirt out of all the t-shirts I have [so not counting the awesome Bazooka Bubblegum one that pretty much vanished one day... yup still a little sore].

Love this T so much I don't care that my necklace is backwards... well maybe I do.. a little bit.

This is crazy awesome right !? I like to think that there was this gun-totin' father giving this T as a gift to his daughter so she wouldn't feel to manly when out hunting with him in camo. "Way to scare off the animals dad, everyone knows that unicorns were too deadly for this world ~ that's why they're dead with the dinosaurs."

See how happy I am!? This isn't faked...

So check out the store Rokit.co.uk for more awesome random Ts. And for all those that think 50 wasn't enough ~ I salute you.


Thursday, 8 November 2012


Here's before I got my hair done.

Blurred I know - Sorry!!

Simple black and white with hints of color (pink of course).

 I really love this top, not because of the fit ~ it's one of those super wide/skinny arms shapes that are O.K.
But I really wish it was just like a normal shape because then the print wouldn't be lost in the drape as it is so often.

 And the print is why I love it. It's TOKIDOKI, one of my favourite brands, I'm a little bit of a collector, one day I'll blog about all the TOKIDOKI stuff I have but half of it is still up in Scotland. Anyway, this is TOKIDOKI X Barbie collaboration so as some sort of 'collector' I had to have it. ;P

Jeffrey Campbell, thank you for making probably one of the comfiest pairs of shoes I own. I know, they don't look it but they're such lovely soft leather. (^_^)

And in my hair I'm wearing a simple black bandanna which I've folded up and covered it in studs. It's a fun twist on the traditional bandanna, and as it's pre-folded it's quick to put on and you can guarantee that it'll stay as it is!



Wednesday, 7 November 2012


Today I was in Holborn at the lovely Brooks+Brooks salon as a hair model.

Basically, as they're training their staff I get a free hair cut - win win !!

And I so super needed it, as seen here (a sneak preview of OUTFIT POST#4), my roots are like an inch long and my hair is a mixture of lilac and grey. I was getting fed up of it, so a free color was awesome.

I spoke to my hairdresser, Rosie, and said about my roots needing a fix and looking for an overall dye of a mermaid-pastel-blue. Here are the results~


She didn't colour my roots though that has left this faded dip-dye effect.

The change from platinum blonde to blue to greenish is super mermaid ~ I love it!

And just to prove it's mermaid style here's me making a fishy face. :3