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Thursday, 8 November 2012


Here's before I got my hair done.

Blurred I know - Sorry!!

Simple black and white with hints of color (pink of course).

 I really love this top, not because of the fit ~ it's one of those super wide/skinny arms shapes that are O.K.
But I really wish it was just like a normal shape because then the print wouldn't be lost in the drape as it is so often.

 And the print is why I love it. It's TOKIDOKI, one of my favourite brands, I'm a little bit of a collector, one day I'll blog about all the TOKIDOKI stuff I have but half of it is still up in Scotland. Anyway, this is TOKIDOKI X Barbie collaboration so as some sort of 'collector' I had to have it. ;P

Jeffrey Campbell, thank you for making probably one of the comfiest pairs of shoes I own. I know, they don't look it but they're such lovely soft leather. (^_^)

And in my hair I'm wearing a simple black bandanna which I've folded up and covered it in studs. It's a fun twist on the traditional bandanna, and as it's pre-folded it's quick to put on and you can guarantee that it'll stay as it is!



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