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Saturday, 23 March 2013


Heeehhhhh~?? Me?? Nominated~!!~? (ŎםŎ;)

Thanks to the beautiful Ellie from Rose and Vintage, I have been nominated for a Versatile Blogger Award !! (^3^) I never get nominated for anything so this is a little exciting~わくわく! So the rules are that I have to give like some facts about me, soo... here we go~~!


1~ I am Christian, I believe that Jesus Christ is my Lord and Saviour. It's amazing to have my faith, it grounds me and keeps me going. But it's very difficult in the fashion world to stay strong to my faith but I believe that I was put here for that reason. So here I try my best!! (≧◡≦)

2~ I was born with an extra toe on my right foot and only had it completely removed last year. This is a post about it.

3~ I was in a film when I was a baby ~ playing the role of a baby. :P It was Catherine Cookson's The Black Candle. I got paid and I bought a cuddly teddy bear and a pair of shoes for my mum... although I didn't get a choice in my generosity  I wasn't aware of anything yet ~ I was living my role, ne. :3

4~ I have a fear of moths and butterflies, I don't like their fluttering wings and if one comes near me... well I'm just not prepared to let that happen.HAH

5~ 日本語おべんきょしてます。I'm teaching myself Japanese, and hope to study it once I settle down in one country.

6~ A lot of things I have or try on at work are actually for Kids ~ which just goes to show where my mental age is !! heehee My friend said that if I have an Biography it should be called "But it didn't fit because it was for a 5yo" ...

7~ When I was 'little' lets say I was 7-8 ~ I was being walked home from school by one of the mum's and her kids who went to the same school. I had no idea what to call her so I said
"Can I call you mum to make things easier?"

To which she replied No, and her kids were snickering at me. (;_;) <= not actually upset about it! :P

The rest of the walk was terribly awkward.

My sister loves to tell everyone this story so I thought I'd beat her to it and tell the internet. Haha It's pretty funny and we still laugh about it a lot, but it is just a drop in the ocean of embarrassing awkward moments of my life.


So there you go! I hope you enjoyed my facts ~ let me know in the comments the funniest/saddest/stupidest one was! heehee 
Part 2 of this award thing and the bit everyone has been waiting for ~~ My nominees for the Versatile Blogger Award. 

Skye Evelyn (my sister) @ skyeoliverevelyn.blogspot
Sophie @ sophiesurgs.blogspot
Fiona Hunter @ Country Girl City Life
KT Tang @ KT's Storybook
Lani Angelina @  Symphonic Spells
So everyone who has been nominated the rules are~~ Mention the blogger who nominated you Write 7 facts about yourself Nominate 7 other bloggers
Have fun~!


Sunday, 10 March 2013


Yay back to more vintage clothes ~!!

In just a second... :3

Recently I've been getting more into Lolita-kei styles.

[Here's some background]
I am really into Japanese street styles
, not very surprising I know, but if you're new here I just thought you should know that.

(o ̄ ̄o) 

There are different styles and I've never been into labelling my own style but I like mixing around with these ones because the basis is to look kawaii rather than cool. And that's just me ~ I'm not cool at all. (⊙3⊙)

I first got into Decora ~ a long time ago. Internet rules state 'pics or it didn't happen' but I honestly can't find any. (≧▽≦) Decora means 'decorate' and is about decorating yourself with loads of accessories and colours.

I'm mentioning decora because sometimes I like to mix a little decora with lolita and fairy-kei styles.

Lolita comes in many different forms ~ Gothic lolita is a common one. A lot of frills, lace, corsets, big skirts, parasols ~ dressing like a doll. Pastel Lolita is my own personal favourite. ^^

Fairy-kei seems pretty new in comparison, it's basically pastel colours and childish things ~~ yaaayyy!!
ANYWAY ~ background over. 

Rokit have been getting in some older dresses ~ so I treated myself to a dress and some new shoes.

And from that comes my first attempt at lolita with an outfit entirely from Rokit [bar tights] 
 ~(•ε • ~)

Liz Claiborne silk head scarf ~Rokit

Mickey+Minnie Mouse gold chain ~Rokit

Mint lace dress + cowgirl boots ~Rokit

Fluffy backpack with ears ~also from Rokit Still not sure what animal it is ~ I say rabbit, my other half says moose (!) and some of my friends say koala.

It was so fun being a little lolita ~ someone at the shop said I looked like a Polly Pocket *day made* hehe !! (≧◡≦) 

So please let me know what you think ~ I'll be posting this to my lookbook.nu too ~~!!
HERE IT IS <-clicky