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Monday, 19 August 2013


moshimoshi minna-san~!!
(hello everyone)

It's been a while and I'm sorry !! (

I have been away ~ travelling my favorite country ~ the USA!

I went to visit my fiance and his lovely family

Me + My Love
My favorite place to visit was Las Vegas ~ walking along the strip at night with so many lights was magic, like a new Disneyland (and we all know how much I love Disneyland ≧◡≦ )

This is the outfit I wore for visiting the strip~ lots of bright colors to match the bright lights !!

 Hat - a gift from S.Korea ~ sorry I don't know where from!
Sunglasses(new), T-shirt, Shorts - Rokit
Shoes - Vans with custom laces.
My backpack is also from Rokit !
 Earrings and Necklace ~ Rokit too!! (*^o^*) hehe

Being a tourist !!

It was great to go abroad with so many vintage clothes. I once went to Boston, MA ~ bought a skirt from H&M and when I got back a friend of mine had the same skirt!(▼ヘ▼;)  All the things from Rokit are either rare or one of a kind (Rokit Recycled) ~ so I don't get into any awkward same top situations (which to me are more annoying when it's transatlantic) !! And it's vintage American clothing so I felt like I fit right in at the same time as being totally unique! Yippeee~! (ノ・◡・)ノ ♥
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きをつけて, my lovelies.