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Saturday, 14 April 2012


My lovely sister-in-law took me to buy a wig when I was last visiting them and as I've been debating with whether to dye my hair a lighter colour I thought that I would wear it for a while. I like the idea of wearing it on occasional when I feel like a change, the same as I might decide to wear a hat.

Let me know what you think! 

Monday, 9 April 2012


Photos of my S/S2012 collection are up on the website ~ www.fifijosephine.com, from there you can go to collections and get access to collections past and present. 
This season's shoot was so much fun. It was taken in a Japanese style garden in Edinburgh~ The Edinburgh Kyoto Friendship garden at LauristonCastle - it was so cute and the Sakura blossoms where just out. (^_^)

The Gardens were still open to the public, who seemed to enjoy the attraction. ^-^

 I wanted this shoot to be cheeky, fun, and relaxed + so I'm happy I've got some really good shots of everyone being silly.

Thanks to the super awesome models(!!), the people at Lauriston Castle, and a good friend for letting me borrow her camera. ;P

Saturday, 7 April 2012


I know I haven't posted in a long time. Truth is I've had no time. :(
I've been creating my collection for spring summer which mixes two themes close to my heart~~

Broken technology + media, and the Geisha + Samurai of old Japan.

Using the idea of broken technology and how data fragments over a hard disc drive I mixed around ideas of garment pattern cutting and digital print. Taking into account what happened in The Meiji Restoration of Japan which was when Western dress was first adopted from the traditional Japanese robes. There was also no more regulations regarding dress from that point which led me to ask the question: What if they only added parts of the suit to their way of dressing? What developed from that isn't really an East meets West mix but rather East downloaded into a fragmented file on a broken hard disc.  

 Nanban [
なんばん] = foreigner in Japanese

Here is some of the art behind the collection~

The photo shoot will be up on my website soon - just have a few tweaks but I'm on an Easter break so I'm sure I'll have time. (^ᴥ^)