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Tuesday, 23 April 2013


~is how I would describe the print off my new blazer.

[[well I say new, we all know it's from Rokit.]]

 I'm a big lover of prints ~ I love designing them, wearing them, and mixing them up. So when I saw this jacket come in it was love at first sight. \(**)/

Mixing it up with a scarf from my own SS13 collection~

I really love the print, it's a little Asian, and a little quaint, and my mom has curtains in her bathroom a lot like it.

Let me know what you think and check out this look on lookbook.nu~~ !!



Spring is here !! 

Chiii~huuu !! (((((ノ☉3☉)ノ

["yippeee" in Hawaiian Pigeon] 

So to celebrate Spring I bought some birds...

fake ones though.

They live in my hair [yep, this is how my brain works].

I got them from Paperchase, in the wedding section [an exciting place to be as I'm planning mine *eeeee*]. I think they're meant to be on place settings and things like that, but this isn't the first time I've worn birds in my hair so I knew right away where their new home would be!

They had quite dark brown feathers on them so I had them clipped, 1. So they don't fly away *duh* and 2. because I very rarely wear brown in any capacity. 

Their little crocodile clips are probably murdering my bleached hair but it means they haven't fallen out!

So here they are in action !!

They sit really nice
with my flower headband.

With bows too!

Let me know what you think ~ should I wear more animals in my hair? *yes*
What creature should be next? 

You can also check out that last look on lookbook.nu
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