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Wednesday, 31 October 2012


For Halloween (and because we won't ever pass up the chance to dress up) everyone at my Rokit in Covent Garden dressed for the occasion.

Fake blood and face paint all round

LVELVELVE dressing up but I'm not too much of a fan of Halloween ~ even though it's become so secular now and it's true meaning pretty much lost and forgotten, I still won't dress up as anything scary.

Kawaii is always better, ne? (^_~)

Pikachu wears Jeremy Scott X Adidas

Although I didn't put too much effort into my costume *confessions* ~it's just a kigurumi[きぐるみ] which are in a lot of Japanese street style shots.

Mamba Gals Love them! 

You just wear a kigurumi over your clothes and it makes you that little bit more comfortable ~ like you're still in bed. :3 And because mine is made of polyester towelling it's crazy hot in there.

It doesn't have to be Halloween or a Japanese street style shoot to dress up though ~ Rokit has dressing up clothes all throughout the year, just pick and era or someone famous and we'll take you there. (^-^)


Wednesday, 17 October 2012


I really love the stuff we get in the store, always fun and random ~ never something that is so easily obtained anywhere else. ;D

Lately I've been enjoying a small collection of Scout Shirts.

The old badges convey an authority in skills like building a camp fire or suggest that you are the 'Den Leader' of your group of friends/work colleagues ~They are so much fun! ^-^

And although it quite clearly states on the shirts~ "BOY scouts of America", the Androgyny style that we all love would would make it super awesome for the gals to rock up these shirts too. 

Or rock it like it was meant to be rocked.

Rokit I salute you


For me however, I'm not as cool. I'm a girly girl and I can't rock androgyny. But even for us kawaii cupcakes there are shirts!

It's the same style as the Scout Shirts 
~ Patch pockets + Loose fit.

But these are shirts from different profession/ levels of authority ~so more random badges !!

Also because it's not fit for a BOY from BOY Scouts it's a little longer on me. :)

[Please excuse bad iphone photos]
[I need to start taking my camera to work.]

My shirt says that I am
'Motor Vehicle Inspector for British Columbia'
Which I think is great as I can't even drive. ;P

So what do we think? Would you rock a Scout Shirt? And would you try to convince those around you that you earned the badges yourself?
Let me know in the comments or via twitter @kawaiififi
Meanwhile check out rokit.co.uk for more beautifully random vintage goodies.


Monday, 15 October 2012


If you want super kawaii super easy nails for a day then this is for you~

 I bought this sticker set from the ArtBox store in Covent Garden [www.artbox.co.uk]. I LOVE it in there, so many cute things and often so little time as I usually go there before work. The stickers don't really last, I wore them for Rozzie's wedding but I had to sort them out that day, doing them the night before doesn't work, they just chip off ~ which doesn't make sense... it's a sticker! But no matter how much protecting top coat I put on it started chipping within hours of application. I know I'm not showing these cute little things in a good light but I think that the problem was that I don't have flat nails and these stickers don't like being put on anything else. Also the ones that are meant to cover your whole nail are really small... obviously shows the age group that should be wearing these!! haha :P
I don't care how bad they are at staying on and how much they don't fit ~ I think it's just the cutest 'nail art' I've seen so far.

I wore them a few times just loading up my nails with stickers, here's a more minimalist approach ~ let me know what you think!


Tuesday, 9 October 2012


So I have green hair now. . .

I dyed it blue when it was still a little 'bleach yellow'

And we all know __ + __ = ____!!!

I'm not too fussed though ~ I'll just Rock The Green for a while.


Thursday, 4 October 2012


My phone has died !! 

My super kawaii kawaii cell. (;_;)~waaahhh
And I can't bring myself to buy one that just makes calls + text (no web) ~ do they even make those any more ! ?

Well yeah. . . I know they do because I've been this [--] close to buying one but I just can't do it.

So the number on my card is currently unavailable. [said that the phone woman's voice]

I will let you know when my next one arrives ~ a hand-me-down from my sister's boyfriend is on the cards.

I will have to make that one super cute to!