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Friday, 16 November 2012


 New things New Outfit Post.

Got a few new accessories from the shop the other day and here they are. 
I love wearing something in my hair and it helps if that something is super kawaii ~ this is a YSL fabric sample that was in among the silk scarves, the pastel colours and weird print meant that I had to get it.

The second 'new thing' is this gold Disney necklace ~ I am loving the Disney stuff we're getting in the shop at the moment, I want a lot of it, but I chose this as it makes me think of Teddy and I [for those new to this blog Teddy is my much much better half]. The little gold hearts on the chain make it look extra special and the pendant itself is on one link of the chain so it's not going to go spinning round my neck.

The T-shirt I've had for a while now, it says something like Strawberry Bunny or something. Just some random kawaii print. It's crazy stretched though, and so now the v-neck doesn't sit like a perfect V but I don't mind that, I like wearing baggy, loose-fitting Ts.

I am also wearing my favourite belt [not really a huge accomplishment for that belt as I have like 3] ~ just a simple black strap with a little 'F' buckle but I love it because it makes me feel a little bit like a superhero. ;D

Here's the run-down::
Head Scarf - YSL Fabric Sample from Rokit
Cardigan - Rokit
T - Heritage 1971 / Forever21
Belt - Rokit
Jeans - H&M
Shoes - Converse


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  1. Just randomly came across your blog, and i really like your style ;u; hope you don't mind the follow, always looking for new people to follow on here!