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Sunday, 18 November 2012


love a bandanna. I always like to tie them at the front of my hair in a sort of Tu-pac style{see fig.1}.

{fig.1 ~ Tu-pac's headgear of choice.}

Unfortunatly for Tu-pac, having a fringe makes the whole bandanna placement a whole lot easier. They sit perfectly just above my bangs. Which is probably why I love wearing them so much, they're so quick and easy, and they come in endless varieties.

Here's one of my favourites.~

Of course it's a Disney Princess Bandanna 
~ we're here for kawaii, ne? \(^o^)/ 

At the moment I'm wearing across Cinderella and Snow White ~ the two blue ones to match up with my hair a little. I might switch it up but I always press my bandanna's when they're folded to make sure they stay like that. So to switch them up like that would mean more ironing... (>.>) 

One of the main issues with the bandanna when wearing it like I do is that you want to make sure most of the picture is visible. But folding it into itself like wrapping it up means that a lot of the pattern is disrupted. To fix that I fold them in half like normal then fold them like a fan until there's only a little bit left, then I wrap it around like usual. You can fan-fold it all the way but wrapping it around a little means that it won't slip out of the fold as easy. I super steam press them [mine are all cotton so it's okay ~ watch out with the polyester ones though[!!]].

I usually only need 1 or 2 kirbi grips to keep it still ~ usually beside the knot or just above my ear as shown.


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