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Monday, 30 January 2012


 This is my first real attempt at nail art since I was 9.

I usually don't wear coloured nail polish because it marks my card production patterns that I have to hand in with my collection. But as I'm just working in paper at the moment I thought I'd give it a try.
Any tips or style ideas in the comments below pretty please.x


I love wearing random things in my hair and recently its been my glasses...

An old pair of Fiorelli sunglasses that I knocked the glass out of.
Originally worn to make my eyes look bigger...
Old photo of me(17)~

In first year at university I was basically known as "The-girl-who-wears-glasses-with-no-glass-in"

Now they've moved up my head to make way for the glasses I have to wear to read (sorry no pics of 6EYES yet... I've currently misplaced my glasses in a typical Velma/Scooby Doo fashion). :P

It's a little messy but I'm working on it. Hoping for more good hair days. :3  x

Sunday, 29 January 2012


New post series:"Weird Little Things" Where I will share with you something strange/crazy/funny I've found.

Today we have

"So Real and so wrong" Couldn't of said it better myself.
Found on http://www.strapya-world.com it's a shame but they're out of stock at the moment... maybe if enough of us ask we can get these "Intensely cute" bears back.x


Kyary Pyamu Pyamu is definitely one to look out for. First blogger, then model, now recording artist, she has her very own range of fake eyelashes and is virally known for her first single PONPONPON. <-[its stopping me from embedding the video but here is the link :)]

I am a huge fan of her music and her style - its so weird and fun which is just as I try to be. ^_^ The set deco in the PON PON PON music video was designed by Sebastian Masuda founder of 6%DOKIDOKI + he also designed a window in PARCO a department store in Shibuya called "Girls in the room" where Kyary acted as a live mannequin to promote herself (her book and her album) and the 6%DOKIDOKI label, this was in celebration of PARCO's 30th anniversary - here's a small interview by Otaku Verse Zero (Kyary is soo cute!)

One last thing:: Love the way she pulls faces in a lot of her photographs.x


Some of you may have noticed me hopping about campus with my lovely decorated crutch - thanks to the help of my lovely Fashion Tech 4 girls

[If you're squeamish about feet skip this next paragraph]

I'm not embarrassed at all when I say that I was born with a 6th toe on my right foot, or extra digit as the doctors like to call it... which I think is quite cute calling it an extra number like we still count using our fingers and toes - lucky me I can count to 21! When I was very small they removed most of this digit so I was down to 20.5, they left the last little bone in, something to do with having to wait until my foot stopped growing. Then when I was about 15 or something doctors told me that my foot had grown enough and that I could take it out but by then I had grown quite fond of it and decided to keep it. But in the last year the little left-over bone started to grow, I guess because of bone regeneration or something. This was beginning to cause some problems as the bone was now digging into the rest of my foot and so it was decided that I'd have it removed. The operation was last week, I thought that when I woke up they'd bring me it to see at least but my flat mate informs me that it probably went straight to the hospital incinerator - bye bye little 0.5 toe.

The crutches were fun for about 2 days but now they just get in the way. I'm down to only needing one crutch but I'm not allowed to sew... well I can use my left foot on the peddle but it feels so weird, like writing with your other hand. The main thing I've noticed is that people are so very nice to me, asking me if they can carry things for me, picking things up if I drop them - I feel quite bad to be such a bother to everyone so I try to do as much as I can on my own.

Love the idea of crutch decorations, they definitely cheered me up. But the sewing is now piling up so I hope I'll be able to use my foot again soon.x

Monday, 9 January 2012

Adorable I Do.

If you're into your geekery as I am - you're going to love this...

Timothy Tiah Ewe Tiam (AKA Fatty) proposed to his girlfriend; Audrey Ooi Feng Ling (AKA Shorty) - (These are the nicknames they gave each other), in probably the coolest and cutest way ever....
He used internet memes - so much win! ^__^
This is the recording of the proposal - there were hidden cameras all around the restaurant they were in (all planned before hand -  love it!) There is also the cutest breakdown of the proposal on her blog

I wish them all the best - they've got things off to an incredibly cute start imo. :) But what do y'all think, let me know in the comments. ;D

Blessed Christmas.

Had the most beautiful time with Teddy. I really am very blessed to have him, and to be able to share Christmas with him was the best. 

                                                  Fuzzy fur coat in the way of a lovely photo - sorry!

The flat is a little lonely now without him but I have little things he's left around the house that make me smile (just toothbrush + slippers - things like that). :) I can't wait until I can see him next, hopefully in Hawaii this summer. 

My love goes out to his family that let me have him over this very family-orientated season, it must have been weird without him. I know that if my little sister wasn't home for Christmas it would be weird... mostly because she still wakes me up at 3am for finding out what we got in out stockings... and she's 3 years younger than me.

Holidays are over and it's back to uni for finishing my collection, so I will be posting more. ;D