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Sunday, 23 December 2012


So, going up to Scotland from London on the overnight Cadedonian Sleeper ~ 1st class of course. ;P

With first class you get your own room with a little bed and sink and a free bag of toiletries ~ it's hecka cute.

My room

For travelling I wanted to dress like an 
anime-character//doll//princess ~ super kawaii. So in OUTFIT POST #8. I spoke about colour matching and how it can often be seen as being timid but is very good for the doll style I wanted to go for ~ so I went all out.

Double black bows, Vivienne Westwood earrings, Crazy Cat Sweater,
Sad Cloud Necklace, Macaroon Clip on my collar.

And here's me at the train station just about to go into the first class louge. (^^) In my lovely new Rokit coat.


Sunday, 16 December 2012


 Twin-Tails Are Not Just For Little Girls

So curl up your hair, split it between two hair-bands and get twin-tailing !! \(^o^)/
pink coca-cola bottle washed
away in my sea-like hair ~ star fish & turtle for
additional theme support.
IMO, twin-tails are best when they're a little imperfect ~ a bit messy. Team them up with some dark colours and avoid short skirts. Because twin-tails are a big step in the kawaii-lolita direction and a bit riskay for anyone over the age of 6 ~ could be NSFW if you want to be taken seriously !! ;P

We love a bit of risk though, don't we? :)

Here I still had kawaii additions to my outfit [like the unicorn's head on my chest] ~ I love mixing lolita + 'mature' styling. Fun Fun Fun (^-^)

Let me know what you think, would you rock twin-tails or do you think it reminds you too much of when you woke up early to watch as many cartoons as you can.


Monday, 10 December 2012


Wow double figures on this now ~ sorry for the long pause also, it's getting up to Christmas and I'm super excited !! \(^o^)/ \(^o^)/ \(^o^)/

Today's outfit post is a Chinese-Cutie.
I really love my Chinese shirt, I have one in red too, I also have the pants(trousers) to match but they keep getting holes in (T_T)~wahh. My lovely mom-in-law got me them from the China-Town in San Francisco. This green one has touches of red and purple which means it goes really well with all my pink clothes and accessories. (^-^)
Jacket - Rokit
Shirt - China-Town SF
Belt - 'Models own'
Socks - Rokit
Shoes - Converse


Sunday, 2 December 2012


This is going to be the smallest outfit post ever[well so far] ~ just wanted to show you all my unexpected matching.

yaay I'm talking about my hair matching tights outfit. :P I call these my Uchuujin[Alien] tights ~ and it's just a happy accident that they match but I might do this again when I dye my hair a different colour. I like how the matching colours are broken up between complimentary colours from the top and skirt.

Breaking it down~

Top - MADE (cropped sleeves, body, and cut neckline by me :P)
Belt - 'model's own' ~ given to me by my lil sis. ^^
Skirt - Charity Shop!
Tights - H&M
Shoes - Converse

Hair down today so I can show you my jellyfish impression. Hahaha