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Tuesday, 13 November 2012


..You really can't !! Give me something they wouldn't give some amount of casual elegance to. They are the foundation for any good 'totally-not-trying-but-still-look-awesome' look, be it an obscure band t-shirt or a faded hippy motif.

I am quite the connoisseur of t-shirts, if I do say so myself, now perhaps not so much as I love to rock a button down shirt from time to time. But back in the day (age 16) I had faaaarrr to many t-shirts, [according to my mother there was a standard amount of t-shirts one should own and I was way over the limit.] I can't remember the exact number but I had around 50, most of them in regular circulation. If I went on vacation for 5 days I would take around 10-15 t-shirts, in case outfits or moods changed at the last minute [and at age 16 the latter often did].

So when, on my first day at Rokit, a T-shirt of awesomeness levels that I hadn't considered came in on the delivery, it was like God was reassuring me that I'm where I'm meant to be [seriously He knows how much I like a good t-shirt].

And here it is~ my first day gem and my favourite favourite t-shirt out of all the t-shirts I have [so not counting the awesome Bazooka Bubblegum one that pretty much vanished one day... yup still a little sore].

Love this T so much I don't care that my necklace is backwards... well maybe I do.. a little bit.

This is crazy awesome right !? I like to think that there was this gun-totin' father giving this T as a gift to his daughter so she wouldn't feel to manly when out hunting with him in camo. "Way to scare off the animals dad, everyone knows that unicorns were too deadly for this world ~ that's why they're dead with the dinosaurs."

See how happy I am!? This isn't faked...

So check out the store Rokit.co.uk for more awesome random Ts. And for all those that think 50 wasn't enough ~ I salute you.


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