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Monday, 5 November 2012


First of all I just want to say, "fair play" to all those who are rocking this look. I just don't really understand it and wouldn't ever wear it. Here's my explanation why with the help of MSPaint.

Yep, I'm talking about wearing your hat at the tip top of your head so it's barely touching your scalp, leaving the majority of the hat wasted fabric.

I'm tall enough as it is (probably 6ft but in denial about it), so to add about 20cm of extra height in the form of a unused hat shaped a little bit like a baby's bottle just doesn't appeal to me.
However, adding that height with a huge pink bow I may consider. ;3

I've been told that the man who started it all was T.I, and the hip hop scene have been doing it for decades and that's pretty cool...

But so have gnomes.


Maybe it's because I'm from a cold country where hats are needed 70% of the year. But I have to admit I can't wait for this to go out of style - sorry! Here's another reason brought to you by MSpaint~

I know that most of these reasons have been about practicality, and there is that. But I wear glasses with no lenses in - I'm not known for practical dressing (honestly ask anyone who has met me even once). I just think it looks a wee bitty silly, there I said it... But you never know, one day I might be wearing the barely-on-beanie (with it's awesome name I just made up now) and then you can tell me to eat it.

But What do you think? Can you prove me wrong? Comments below or via twitter please !!


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