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Tuesday, 6 November 2012


 Hello again.

This outfit is more of a casual-cutie look. Mixing sparkling sequins with lovely soft knits.

Cardigan: Rokit
Top: Zara (can you believe it?!)
Skirt: Rokit (more on that story later)
Shoes: Converse

I love my big zebra bow! It's actually a long thin silk scarf that my Granny bought me for Christmas last year. I don't understand those long thin scarves, how are you supposed to wear them!? I don't think they're that nice to wrap around your neck like 3 times so I have given it a new purpose. Using a hair band makes it easy to keep the two sides of the bow together and makes it a little adjustable. (^_^)

So many people ask me where I got this top and I am not lying when I say I found it in a Zara sale. It's totally not Zara style but I'm so glad they made it anyway. Where else would I find a half dotted top with a sequinned picture of a racoon's face?
Please tell me if you know, I think this top is awesome.

This was once a Rokit dress, Rokit do up-cycle a lot of their clothes (making leather jackets into bags and making lots of mini skirts out of cute fabrics). I love the fabric from this dress so I decided to do a bit of up-cycling of my own - chopping it off just above the elasticated waist gives me a quick new skirt (with a matching top that needs a hem).

So there you are, another outfit, proof that there is a little method to the madness and contrary to popular belief I don't get dressed in the dark (although I don't mind that miss matched clashy look if I can pull it off ;D).

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