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Tuesday, 6 November 2012


Today's style:: Kawaii Grunge.

Flannel Shirt: Ralph Lauren Polo from Rokit
Sleeveless T-shirt: Harley Davison Rokit Recycled
Jeans: Levis (Bleached myself)
Shoes: Converse

 When mixing together two different styles one is going to win - no doubt. But that's okay because if it was neck + neck I think it would be too miss matched and confusing. It's better to have a grunge style with a hint of kawaiiness or super kawaii with a some grunge themes. The Flannel shirt is grunge but it's RL pastel colours make it cute too, so I wore it with my Harley Davison T-shirt [Rokit took the sleeves off and made the armholes deeper hence Rokit Recylced]. Here I attempted the same facial expression as the wolf, but I'm glad I can't wrinkle up my nose like that !!
Kawaii-ed it up with my fluffy rucksack. It's got ears too and I put a little blue bow on it's face [not grunge at all but I did say one theme had to win!] Teddy insists that my backpack is a moose, it's not a moose it's a rabbit and I'll prove it's a rabbit when I draw a rabbit's face on it. Like this~ =3 ne?  
Sweatbands, they were 90s ne? Same as grunge is 90s ne? This little yellow cutie is from ASOS and here I mimic the face.

What two trends do you like to mix~ Let me know in the comments or via twitter. @KawaiiFifi


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