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Sunday, 29 January 2012


Some of you may have noticed me hopping about campus with my lovely decorated crutch - thanks to the help of my lovely Fashion Tech 4 girls

[If you're squeamish about feet skip this next paragraph]

I'm not embarrassed at all when I say that I was born with a 6th toe on my right foot, or extra digit as the doctors like to call it... which I think is quite cute calling it an extra number like we still count using our fingers and toes - lucky me I can count to 21! When I was very small they removed most of this digit so I was down to 20.5, they left the last little bone in, something to do with having to wait until my foot stopped growing. Then when I was about 15 or something doctors told me that my foot had grown enough and that I could take it out but by then I had grown quite fond of it and decided to keep it. But in the last year the little left-over bone started to grow, I guess because of bone regeneration or something. This was beginning to cause some problems as the bone was now digging into the rest of my foot and so it was decided that I'd have it removed. The operation was last week, I thought that when I woke up they'd bring me it to see at least but my flat mate informs me that it probably went straight to the hospital incinerator - bye bye little 0.5 toe.

The crutches were fun for about 2 days but now they just get in the way. I'm down to only needing one crutch but I'm not allowed to sew... well I can use my left foot on the peddle but it feels so weird, like writing with your other hand. The main thing I've noticed is that people are so very nice to me, asking me if they can carry things for me, picking things up if I drop them - I feel quite bad to be such a bother to everyone so I try to do as much as I can on my own.

Love the idea of crutch decorations, they definitely cheered me up. But the sewing is now piling up so I hope I'll be able to use my foot again soon.x

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