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Sunday, 29 January 2012


Kyary Pyamu Pyamu is definitely one to look out for. First blogger, then model, now recording artist, she has her very own range of fake eyelashes and is virally known for her first single PONPONPON. <-[its stopping me from embedding the video but here is the link :)]

I am a huge fan of her music and her style - its so weird and fun which is just as I try to be. ^_^ The set deco in the PON PON PON music video was designed by Sebastian Masuda founder of 6%DOKIDOKI + he also designed a window in PARCO a department store in Shibuya called "Girls in the room" where Kyary acted as a live mannequin to promote herself (her book and her album) and the 6%DOKIDOKI label, this was in celebration of PARCO's 30th anniversary - here's a small interview by Otaku Verse Zero (Kyary is soo cute!)

One last thing:: Love the way she pulls faces in a lot of her photographs.x

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