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Monday, 9 January 2012

Blessed Christmas.

Had the most beautiful time with Teddy. I really am very blessed to have him, and to be able to share Christmas with him was the best. 

                                                  Fuzzy fur coat in the way of a lovely photo - sorry!

The flat is a little lonely now without him but I have little things he's left around the house that make me smile (just toothbrush + slippers - things like that). :) I can't wait until I can see him next, hopefully in Hawaii this summer. 

My love goes out to his family that let me have him over this very family-orientated season, it must have been weird without him. I know that if my little sister wasn't home for Christmas it would be weird... mostly because she still wakes me up at 3am for finding out what we got in out stockings... and she's 3 years younger than me.

Holidays are over and it's back to uni for finishing my collection, so I will be posting more. ;D


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