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Monday, 25 February 2013


Wow so not going to talk about vintage stuff this time. (0_0) Fashion goes around in circles and if I get something from the "High Street" then they'll be like a billion other people with the same stuff ~ so I usually avoid it.
But this Spring there has been two things that I really liked, and I'm going to show you them in one outfit ~ Efficient ne! 


So the first thing is this RAD raglan sleeve baseball top. I really love old school style sport stuff and have been after something with raglan sleeves for a while. So that style together with a totally dated word is just so awesome to me. It's from Urban Outfitters ~ you can get it HERE

The next thing is...

My awesome new Vans ~ these are the new SS vans collection, they come in acid wash blue too but for me, the closer to pink the better. ;P
I added the smiley face laces to make them even more interesting + unique !! :)
You can get them from the vans website or from Office, which is where I got mine. ^3^
I really love them ~ they're so comfy and something I can just pull on whenever.

So I had to balance out these store bought high street stuff with something handmade from Etsy ~ my flower headband from the Etsy store MILKTEA.

~Outfit Breakdown~
Flower headband ~ MILKTEA
Oversized Flannel Shirt ~ Ralph Lauren Polo (Rokit)
RAD Baceball top ~ Urban Outfitters
Denim cut-offs ~ Levis (DIY)
Gold Spotty tights ~ H&M
Long Grey socks ~ MySocks (Rokit)
Shoes ~ Vans
Laces ~ Ebay. :P

Let me know what you think!x



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  1. Nice hair! Love the black lipstick. x


  2. Hi, I love your style, and your blog is lovely im your newest follower! please check mine jooolsw@blogspot.co.uk

    Lots of love Jools xxxx