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Thursday, 21 February 2013


I have been on a mission to find the perfect pair of dungarees (or overalls as they're called Stateside) for such a long time! Like all of my clothes I had to fall in love with them as well as actually fitting properly.

And at Rokit, the latter is the tricky part because we don't size anything. And the dungarees we have are so varied ~ from comfy looking Disney ones for crafting cat-lovers of the late 80's to authentic worn-down workmen's overalls for lumberjacks.

Basically From This

To This

 [We do actually have some Carhartt ^-^]
So I finally found the pair for me ~ baggy but without making me look like a hippo.* And they were a mid-blue with a pink rinse to them ~ kawaii !!

*trick is to just wear them with a belt ~ even if there is no belt loops!*

The only problem was that they had some pen stains right on the fly of the pants, which was... awkward. Not that noticeable but because I noticed it I figured I should do something.

Unfortunately my knowledge on bleach completely escaped me as I attempted use it to get rid of the stains. (
ಠ_ಠ) I didn't dilute the bleach or wet the fabric! 

Straight bleach onto dry fabric will react really really fast *you have been warned* ;D so I basically turned hardly-noticeable pen stains into a huge white blotch between the legs. 
My answer?

I bleached all of the dungarees from the top to just below the knee. To bleach properly you need a bucket, any house hold white bleach, and some rubber gloves. Sometimes it will say on the back of the bleach that you need 5 liters of water for every 10ml bleach or something like that, but that's really just for making white things whiter. The best way to do it is to put what you think will be enough water to cover the fabric in the bucket, then add a fair amount of bleach, I'd say, squirt the bottle like 4-5 times or if you want to be more accurate use around 250ml, then add the fabric. If the water isn't covering the fabric ~ add more water and more bleach. Check on it after 5-10minutes then around 1/2 an hour after that to give you an idea of how fast it will bleach.
[You can add more bleach as you go on if you want it to speed up ~ just make sure that there is lots more water than bleach. :) ]

Use rubber gloves all the time because that would suck if it got on your hands !! 

You can just check visually when it's bleached enough, which could take a few hours. If I remember correctly I think the dungarees took about around 6hours and I did them in parts (6hours for each part). When you think it's been bleached enough rinse the fabric well in cold water and then stick it in the washing machine with detergent. The fabric will probably smell like bleach for a few washes so watch out because it could be an irritant to your skin if there is still too much bleach in it ~ another wash is okay!

After I bleached my dungarees they didn't have the pink rinse to them so instead I used a Dylon washing machine dye *powder pink flavour* ~ and as it reacted to the bleached and unbleached parts of the dungarees it gave them a kind of dip-dyed affect !! (^_^)
My Result!!

Let me know what you think of them !! I think this could be the definition of a happy accident. ;D

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