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Sunday, 3 February 2013


So yesterday was the début of our spring window display (!!) + they are CHOU KAWAII~~!! \(*o*)/
It was so much fun seeing it all come together ~everyone's been working hard!! :o

And it's all pastel colours/ candy/ + colourful hair ~sound familiar...? ;D

They were saying that they dressed the mannequins up like me but it kinda is like a little look into a Candyland suburbia of the United States of Kawaii where I dream of living. 

So as as little treat I got to play at my dream coming true in the Rokit windows. (^3^)~hihi!

Here I am hanging out with the mannequins ~ I felt like I was in a giant doll's house. (^-^)

Blending in~ 

Waahh~~That was SO much fun !! \(^o^)/

No prizes for guessing where most of my outfit came from *cough*rokit*cough* but here's the break down~~ ;)

Hair Bow - 
Hokey Shirt - 
Frilly Shorts - 
Leggings -
~~~~~~~~~Rokit of course !!
Legwarmers - Tabio
Shoes - Adidas

kawaii hair bands make good bracelets 

Colourful legs



  1. heyy i'm that girl that was at rokit like two months ago lol, i asked you if you had lookbook & you gave me your blog address :-)your blog is sooo kawaii ^^ i keep forgetting to comment till now. anyways heres my lookbook: http://lookbook.nu/egypsymermaid btw just ignore this google account im using haha i had to log in in order to comment lol

    1. Hi hi~~ Thank you! Your lookbook is amazing!!:0 ~ I'm definitely going to make one for myself. ^-^ I will fan you when I make one okay! hehe ^^