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Saturday, 26 January 2013


So my hair has been 2 different lengths, with blinding bangs, and Ahoge.

That one hair sticking up out of place on Hatsune Miku [common in a lot of anime] ~ that's Ahoge.
Literally comical.

Luckily in London there are always salons looking for hair models, they come into the shop a lot and ask to cut my hair a lot ~ I guess I stand out as my hair is that bad blue...

I was a little reluctant to get it cut because believe it or not I was trying to grow it long... (>_>) But you can't have both bleached and long hair when your hair is naturally very dark and thick like mine ~ it's just been snapping away at the edges ever since it's been bleached so this happened~~~~

And here's what I think I look like~~~~

Howl from Howl's Moving Castle.

A Medieval Boy.
That fashion designer from The Invincibles. 

 Blergh I'll get used to it. ;P


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