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Monday, 15 October 2012


If you want super kawaii super easy nails for a day then this is for you~

 I bought this sticker set from the ArtBox store in Covent Garden [www.artbox.co.uk]. I LOVE it in there, so many cute things and often so little time as I usually go there before work. The stickers don't really last, I wore them for Rozzie's wedding but I had to sort them out that day, doing them the night before doesn't work, they just chip off ~ which doesn't make sense... it's a sticker! But no matter how much protecting top coat I put on it started chipping within hours of application. I know I'm not showing these cute little things in a good light but I think that the problem was that I don't have flat nails and these stickers don't like being put on anything else. Also the ones that are meant to cover your whole nail are really small... obviously shows the age group that should be wearing these!! haha :P
I don't care how bad they are at staying on and how much they don't fit ~ I think it's just the cutest 'nail art' I've seen so far.

I wore them a few times just loading up my nails with stickers, here's a more minimalist approach ~ let me know what you think!


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